The Best Liquid Attractant for Carp Fishing

best liquid attractant for carp

On the lookout for the best liquid attractant for carp fishing? In this article we’ll outline some of the most popular carp liquids that you can add to your baiting method to help improve your catch rate.

The use of liquids for carp fishing has grown massively in recent years. As carp lakes have become more pressured, we find ourselves having to find any little edge we can to tempt a bite.

Liquid attractants are great for this, enabling you to pimp up your baits so that they leak more food signals into the water throughout the duration of your session.

It’s always good to have a decent selection available to you so that you can test and see what works on your chosen venue. Here are some of the best carp liquid attractors on the market right now.

What to consider when choosing carp liquids

Head to any tackle shop and you’ll see shelves full of liquids. It can be hard to know which ones to go for.

Truth be told, there are different liquids for different scenarios. Here are a few things you might want to think about before picking up a few bottles.

Thick or thin consistency

You’ll notice that the actual consistency of the liquids on the market varies widely. Some are of a thicker, gloopier consistency whereas others are thinner oils.

Both have their uses and it pays to have a few stashed away in your bait bag.

Typically, the thicker liquids tend to work best as external attractors by coating and glugging baits. For example, they’re great when used in combination with groundbaits and dusts to add an extra coating to boilies ahead of a session.

The Sauce by Parker Baits is an excellent example of a thicker liquid that can be used to coat boilies.

Thinner liquids on the other hand tend to penetrate baits easier and disperse further in the water.

Being thinner in consistency, they are particularly useful for re-hydrating pellet or boilies that have become air dried or a little stale. Not only that, but they are much better for clouding the water, giving off masses of attraction that can draw carp down from the upper layers.

Natural vs. unnatural

It’s worth considering whether you want to opt for natural liquids or manufactured variations.

It’s hard to argue against the case for natural liquids such as bloodworm or mussels. After all, they’re part of the carp’s natural digestion.

In cases where these are prevalent, it makes sense to choose more natural attractants such as Sticky Baits Bloodworm Liquid or Nash Mussel Blend.

But on the other hand, we know that carp are inquisitive creatures. And that’s why some bait companies are pushing the boundaries when it comes to liquids.

Look at Korda Goo for example. Their range is like nothing else you would ever see on a lakebed; extremely potent and highly fluorescent in many cases. But they work.

Whether either one would work best on your venue will always come down to trial and error. But it’s something to think about at least!

Sticky Baits Cloudy Bloodworm Liquid

sticky baits bloodworm liquid

There’s nothing better than using a natural food source for carp fishing, and that’s why I always recommend using liquid bloodworm as an attractant.

This stuff is made from exactly the same natural bloodworm that you are likely to find on the lake bed, and carp absolutely love it.

So when the gurus at Sticky Baits liquidised it and made it ready available on tackle shop shelves, it became an instant hit.

As the name suggests, it’s designed to produce a cloud of attraction in your swim. It’s been formulated by mixing fresh bloodworm with sugars and salts, making it super soluble with a gloopy consistency.

With that in mind, I personally find it best used as an addition to a spod mix or on your carp pellets. You don’t need loads, just a small glug is enough to create a fair amount of attraction in the swim.

Other than that, I’ve also had some success using it as a binder for my stick mix and solid PVA bag mix too.

DNA Baits Hydro Wheat

best liquid attractant for carp

If you’re looking for a lively carp liquid attractant, then you can’t beat Hydro Wheat.

This liquid is literally labelled as ‘Active’, and most brands sell this with severe warnings of it’s ability to escape from the bottle and stink out the garage! Some carp bait companies have even stopped selling it due to complaints!

Made from a whole host of soluble sugars and natural enzymes, Hydro Wheat produces a really active cloud of attractants that keep enticing carp for hours.

Much like beer when it’s brewing, you can literally see this stuff releasing gasses as it sits on the lakebed. If that’s not enough to tempt carp, then we don’t know what it.

In terms of it’s use, most anglers prefer to use this in small doses as an addition to a spod mix. Additionally, it can also be added to PVA bag mixes and glug pots for bottom baits.

Korda Kiana Carp Goo

kiana carp goo as a liquid attractant

Kiana Goo is probably the name most synonymous with liquids for carp fishing.

The range rose to prominence following regular appearances on Korda’s Thinking Tackle and Monster Carp. Whilst the marketing and flavours do tend to catch the angler, the Goo produces the results to back it up.

Coming in a range of over 30 different flavours, Goos are high-attract liquids designed to be added to hookbaits and mixes in small quantities. You can get anything from fishy flavoured squids to more human palatable ones such as bubble gum and sherbet.

Once in the water, they release a whole host of flavour and have good ability to linger in the water column for some time. Not only that, but you’ll find that most Goo flavours are focussed around fluoro colours. This gives them that added bit of sight attraction which has proven to increase success rates in the winter months.

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Unlike spod syrups and other glugs, Goo comes in small bottles with tapered lids that make it really easy to squeeze onto your hookbaits and into PVA bags. – A major plus that makes it easy to carry multiple bottles when testing flavours.

Popular flavours including Isotonic Supreme and No name Supreme.

Evaporated Milk as a Cheap Carp Liquid Attractant

evaporated milk carp fishing

The best liquid attractant for carp doesn’t have to be one that costs the earth. Evaporated milk is an everyday product available from most supermarkets for the small cost of around 80p per can.

It’s been used widely by anglers as a way to boost their baits and free offerings for little cost.

It’s full of natural sweeteners that soak into baits, giving them a creamy aroma. Aside from the obvious flavour benefits, being a milk product it kicks off a bit of a cloud too.

This makes evaporated milk ideal for spod mixes, particularly when spodding over zigs.

Personally, I use it in all manner of ways, but my favourite is using is to hydrate my nut-based boilies in the winter. By soaking my boilies in water and evaporated milk, they become super soft, easily digestible and kicks off loads of attraction.

As far as cheap carp bait goes, evaporated milk is high on the list for me.

Mainline Smart Liquid Range

Another bait company that’s focussed heavily on carp liquids in recent years is Mainline Baits.

In 2020, they released their range of Smart Liquid Creams which have been a hit amongst carp anglers.

As the name suggests, these liquids have a real creamy consistency which lingers in the water column and covers the lakebed substrate with attractants.

In fact, the Mainline team tested them over on YouTube. Albeit in a tank tested environment, but you can clearly see how the smart liquid rests on the bottom and then rises vertically through the water column.

Mainline baits testing their new Smart Liquid Creams.

How successful this would all sit within a lake environment is hard to tell, especially when you take into account undertow etc. Either way, if this can increase your catch rate by 1% over the season then most anglers would take that.

Flavour wise, Mainline have kept it simple with four flavours; Fish, Fruit, Cream and their ever-faithful Cell flavour.

Sticky Baits Salmon Oil

Salmon oil has been around for years and it still remains to be one of the most popular carp liquids.

There’s just something about fishy based baits and liquids that seem to get carp going. Many believe it’s the presence of Omega-3 and Omega-6, both of which carp need in their diet to survive.

Like any species, carp know what’s good for them and a natural product like Salmon Oil is high up the list.

In terms of it’s use, you can use it in almost any situation, from soaking boilies to adding to spod mixes.

However, one of it’s most devastating uses is for soaking your floating hookbaits in the summertime. Salmon Oil produces an awesome slick on the surface, aiding your rig presentation whilst kicking off loads of attractants at the same time!

Parker Baits Sauces

parker baits the sauce carp liquid

Coating your boilies is a must in order to increase their attractiveness.

And some of the best liquids we’ve found for this job are the sauces developed by Parker Baits.

They’re nice and thick and come in handy 500ml bottles that make it a doddle to coat your baits.

Their OG Fish flavour in particular, is extremely potent and ideal for anglers who want a liquid to compliment fishmeal boilies.

It’s packed full of attractants, including fermented chillis that are known to stimulate carp.

Beware though, the lads at Parker baits do claim that this sauce is NOT wife friendly. It will definitely catch you some extra carp but you might get some grief at home in the process!

Nash Bait Naturals Range

nash natural liquids

Nash’s new naturals liquid range is definitely one of the most innovative additions to the market in years.

We all know how good natural ingredients are. But it’s taken a while for a company to bottle them up and make it easy for us carpers to use.

That’s what the Nash Naturals range is all about.

There’s four flavours in the range;

  • Wormcell – 100% natural Hydrolysed Earthworm, blended
  • Salted Squid – Blended atlantic squid which is exactly the same stuff used in their Scopex Squid bait.
  • Mussell Blend – Three mussel species blended, including the incredible carp attractor Green Lipped Mussel (GLM).
  • Brine Shrimp & Gammarus – A blend of three species of aquatic shrimp from both salt and still water.

If you’re looking for the most natural liquids you can use, you won’t find much better than this range by Nash.

Carp Liquid Attractants Side-by-Side

Now that we’ve covered all of the liquid attractants on this list, let’s take a look at some of them side-by-side:

Sticky Baits Bloodworm LiquidDNA Baits Hydro WheatKiana GooEvaporated MilkMainline Smart CreamSalmon Oil
Best UseSpod Mixes & PVA MixesSpod Mixes & PVA MixesHookbait Soak & PVA Mixes Boilie HydrationSpod Mixes & PVA MixesFloater Fishing
Different Flavours?
PVA Friendly?
OK in Winter?
Bottle Size1 litre1 litre115ml420g250ml500ml


There really is no clear winner when it comes to choosing the best liquid attractants for carp. All of those listed above have their use in different angling situations. It’s all about how you like to fish and where you can incorporate these into your angling to improve your chances of a bite.

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