A selected of helpful articles and guides on all things carp fishing. Learn more about finding carp, tying up new rigs and bait preparation, and everything in between.

british record carp uk

British Carp Record (Real Facts, History & Controversy!)

The current British Carp Record stands at an impressive 68lb 1oz. The gigantic mirror carp, otherwise known as The Wasing Parrot, was banked by Dean Fletcher in January 2016. Prior to it’s death a year later, The Parrot was one of the most sought after carp in the UK. Legendary anglers such as Terry Hearn…

keep bivvy organised

9 Ways to Keep Your Bivvy Organised (Be Less Bank Tramp!)

It’s no myth, the more organised you are on the bank, the more fish you’ll catch. This is especially true for day ticket lakes in the UK, where big hits of fish are largely dependent on how quick you can get rigs and bait back on the spot. An organised carp bivvy is fundamental to…

carp fishing budget

10 Carp Fishing Money Saving Hacks

Make no mistake about it, carp fishing can be very expensive. It seems the price of all of our tackle is creeping up now, with even the smallest items such as carp hooks averaging around £5 per packet. It all adds up. And I’m sure we’ve all popped into the tackle shop for some end…

best months for carp fishing uk

Best Months For Carp Fishing UK (When To Catch More!)

Make no mistake about it, carp can be caught all year round. But if you’ve already blanked through the winter, you’ll soon realise that there are certainly best months for carp fishing UK. Carp are cold-blooded creatures, responding heavily to changes in water temperature. And with suddens cold snaps regular in the UK, it is…

rig mistakes to avoid

5 Carp Rig Mistakes to Avoid

The world of carp rigs can be incredibly confusing, even to experienced anglers. Yet we all strive for that perfect presentation on the lakebed. That wonder rig which will catch us more carp than last season. Carp anglers are always tinkering with rigs. I was as guilty as anyone when I started 16 years ago….

mental health fishing

How Fishing Can Improve Our Mental Health & Wellbeing

Did you know that fishing has been proven to help improve our mental health and wellbeing? In fact, as of 2021 it is now being prescribed by the NHS to help people suffering with depression. But while it’s great to see the topic of mental health being talked about more in mainstream media, there is…

European Adaptive Carp Championships To Host First Ever Event

You might have heard of the British Carp Angling Championships or the World Carp Classic, but have you heard of the European Adaptive Carp Championships? Probably not! And that’s because for the first time ever, The European Adaptive Carp Championships will be held at Linear Fisheries in Oxfordshire. The event is new to the world…

6 Pet Hates When Carp Fishing (Are You Guilty?)

For most of us, fishing is all about just getting out there, enjoying the outdoors and catching a few fish. A chance to chill and maybe clear your head from all of the other stresses of day-to-day life. But like it or not, we all have our pet hates that just happen to grind out…

best bottom bait carp rigs

5 Best Bottom Bait Rigs That You Need To Try

So, you’re looking to switch up your carp rigs to present a bait on the bottom? Let’s check out the best bottom bait rigs that you should have in your rig box. For many anglers, choosing rigs is all about finding what you’re confident in and sticking to it. Whilst this is great in most…

carp fishing in november

Carp Fishing in November

Being well into Autumn, Carp fishing in November can be hard, but it can be a great time to get out and catch big carp too. The fish are in great condition and if you bag one, it may just be at it’s biggest ever weight. Make no mistake about it though, November is no…