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carp fishing in october

Carp Fishing in October

Carp fishing in October can be one of the most prolific times of the year. The carp are in excellent condition and they love to have a big feed at this time of year, making big hits of fish a reality. But your approach to carp fishing needs to change slightly from the warmer months….

cheap carp baits to save money

Cheap Carp Bait to Help You Save Money

Want to continue carp fishing without needing to spend hundreds on bait for your weekend session? This week we check out cheap carp bait which can still bank you some carp but also save you some money along the way. The cost of living crisis is in full swing, and to top is all off,…

what are spod rods and do you need one

What is a spod rod? Learning to spod accurately

As a carp fishing beginner, you may be wondering ‘what is a spod rod?’. Many carp anglers fish with four or five rods in their setup; three carp rods, a spod rod and a marker rod. Throughout this article, we’ll give you an overview of what a spod rod is, how it can help you…

why do carp jump out of the water?

Why Do Carp Jump Out of the Water?

Different species of fish jump out of the water for various reasons. Some common reasons carp species leap out of the water include to clean themselves, and to feed. This is just a short version of the answer, but we will cover this in more detail below. Read to learn more about why carp jump…

when do carp spawn uk

When Do Carp Spawn in The UK?

If you are wondering when carp spawning occurs in the UK, you are at the right place. The short answer is that they tend to spawn as early as April, and some would go as late as August. However, most of carp spawn between May and June. If you are looking to understand the intricacies…

carp rigs for weedy waters

Carp Rigs for Weed

Being able to present your bait properly on the lakebed is an important aspect of carp fishing. It’s not always easy though, particularly if you’re fishing in weed. However, it is possible to fish in weed by choosing suitable carp rigs for weed and adjusting your angling style accordingly. But what rigs should you use…

hot weather carp care

Tips for Hot Weather Carp Care

Like anything left out in the sun, your carp care equipment can become incredibly hot during the summer months. If you’re lucky enough to bag a few carp during a heatwave, it’s vital that you think ahead when bringing them up onto the bank. Carp are delicate creatures. Whilst they’re probably already suffering from lower…

do you need a shock leader for spodding

Do you need a shock leader for spodding?

Do you need a shock leader for spodding? This is a common question for anyone new to spodding/spombing and generally baiting up at range. Typically, most carp anglers do prefer to use a shock leader as a preventative measure for crack offs. However, there are times when you can get away without using one. MORE…

how to hold a carp

How to hold a carp correctly (and for the best photo!)

Carp are a delicate species, so when they’re on the bank, we must do everything possible to make sure that they are looked after and returned safely. Knowing how to hold a carp is a key aspect of good carp care. Failing to hold a carp properly can result in dropping, scale damage and serious…

what breaking strain line for carp fishing

What Breaking Strain Line For Carp Fishing?

What breaking strain line for carp fishing? – A common and very important question for anyone new to the sport. If you’ve been fishing for smaller species before, you’ll no doubt know that you will need a stronger mainline for carp fishing. Carp are incredibly powerful fish, capable of long, hard battles under the rod…