Real carp fishing tackle reviews from the team at Carp Squad. All of our carp gear reviews are honest, no sales pitch and no sponsorship.

The gear that we review has been used by our team over sufficient periods of time, which allows us to give an excellent overview of the pros and cons of each product. Hopefully we can help you make a better purchasing decision!

Saber Rucksack Review

Saber Rucksack Review: Supra Compact 2 Year Test

This week for tried and tested, we’ve put together our eagerly anticipated Saber Rucksack Review. After 2 years of use (and abuse) I’m in a good position to tell you the pros and cons of the Supra Compact rucksack from Saber. The Supra Rucksack is a short session rucksack designed specifically for short sessions or…

ridgemonkey multi lite plus

RidgeMonkey Multi Lite Plus Review: 1 Year Test

Next up on our tried and tested reviews is the RidgeMonkey Multi Lite Plus. When RidgeMonkey brought out the multi lite, I was instantly intrigued. The multi lite presents itself as a versatile lite, offering a multitude of applications that fit in well with my desire to keep my gear to a minimum. After a…

Trakker RLX Bedchair Review – Superlite

This week on our tried and tested reviews we are going to take a look at the Trakker RLX bedchair (flat 6 superlite version). Prior to purchasing the Trakker Superlite, I was on the lookout for a bedchair that was both lightweight and comfortable. Not an easy task by all means! Fortunately,  the Trakker RLX…

cygnet quicklock rod pod review

Cygnet Quicklock Pod Review: 2 Year Test

This week on our tried and tested carp gear reviews, we’re taking a closer look at the Cygnet Quicklock Pod. I spent a lot of time searching out a pod that was right for my needs, and two years ago I settled on the Quicklock due to the versatility that it offers as a lightweight…

Avid Carp Compact Cradles

Avid Carp Cradle Review – 3 Years of Use

UPDATED FOR 2022: This Carp Cradle by Avid has been discontinued and you may struggle to find it at retailers. It has now been replaced by their new Avid Folda-Cradle. This week on our tried and tested reviews, we’re taking a look at the Avid Carp Cradle. For this past three years, I’ve been putting…