6 Pet Hates When Carp Fishing (Are You Guilty?)

  • By: Rob W (15 Years Carping Experience)
  • Published: March 14, 2023
  • Time to read: 3 min.
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For most of us, fishing is all about just getting out there, enjoying the outdoors and catching a few fish.

A chance to chill and maybe clear your head from all of the other stresses of day-to-day life.

But like it or not, we all have our pet hates that just happen to grind out gears!

Whilst fishing is mostly solitary, the chances of getting your own secluded slice of lakeside heaven are dwindling with the increasing popularity of carp fishing.

Along with that brings many an angler, armed with mallets and head torches that you can see from two miles away.

So, without further ado, let’s take a look at the top 6 carp fishing pet hates and see if you”re guilty or not.

Anglers using mallets

carp angler using a mallet

You’ve just stealthily baited up your margin spot and the guy next door whips out the dreaded mallet.

It’s a clear summers day and he starts hammering in his 12 bivvy pegs like he’s pinning a tent down on Everest. Disaster!

For us this is a big no-no unless there’s a storm inbound and you’re fishing on rock hard ground. Either way, you better find a new spot for that margin rod, because no carp is picking that up!

When someone casts in to your swim

Angling etiquette is certainly on the decline.

I’m probably more surprised these days when someone asks me where my right or left hand rods are. Back in the day that was a given!

But now there aren’t many things worse than when someone drops in at the side of you and casts over your line.

With the mad rush on day ticket venues this seems to be even more apparent these days.

Anglers lighting up the lake with torches

carp fishing pet hates

This is a funny one.

No lie, I’ve seen anglers with full tripod lighting kits from the builders merchants, lighting up their pegs like they’re having a rave.

What’s all that about? Surely a head torch is sufficient and means less tackle to stuff in the van at the end of your session.

Setting the bobbin with the alarms on

This has taken top spot as the number one pet hate for years!

Older anglers thought this was eradicated with the invention of the remote receiver.

But unfortunately not!

Head to your local lake and there’s always one guy endlessly fiddling with his bobbins with his alarms on full blast.

And while alarms sound great when there’s a fish on the end, they can sound dreadful every half an hour after a recast.

Bucketing multiple swims

Some anglers resort to bucketing multiple swims so they have the best choice!

Head to any day ticket on a Saturday morning and you’ll experience the anxious sprinting around of anglers looking for the best pegs.

The humble bucket has become an essential piece of kit these days, acting as a marker that this swim is ‘taken’.

Unfortunately some anglers take it too far, resorting to bucketing multiple swims sot hat they can have the pick of the bunch!

An absolute no in our book.

Litter left over by anglers

No doubt many of us have been drawn to fishing as a way of being outdoors, so it can be really infuriating when anglers spoil the environment.

We should all strive to keep our carp lakes and rivers in tip top condition, leaving better than how you found it.

It’s not difficult to bring a bin bag from home and take your litter away with you!

And it’s certainly not a job for the bailiff. Let’s hope we’re all good at this one!

Got something else thats a pet hate of yours on the bank? Let us know in the comments below!

  1. Old line !
    Most places I have been that so called carp fishermen have been before
    Always have line laying trodden in the bank
    Even found hooks on said line

    The only things that should be left on that bank
    Are footprints n memories
    What happened to the countryside code ?

  2. Couldn’t agree more Nick. What gets me wound up is the amount of rigs left on the floor. I found 4 on my last session at Ladywood Lakes. It’s a nightmare when I take the dog as he’s always trying to pick things up as well.

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