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Carp fishing lakes in West Yorkshire has come on leaps and bounds in the past 15 years. Where once you would struggle to catch a 20lb carp, you now have an array of carp lakes to suit all carp angling abilities.

From weedy gravel pits like The Approach Fisheries, to classic day-ticket angling on Ladywood, there really is something for everyone. There’s even a bit of urban canal carp fishing available on the Leeds to Liverpool Canal too. (if you want to channel your inner Alan Blair!).

If you’re looking for a new carp lake to fish in West Yorkshire, stick around.

In this article I’ll be giving you a brief overview of the top places in the region.

My experience carp fishing West Yorkshire

I moved to Leeds in West Yorkshire from Liverpool over 13 years ago. When I decided to dust off the carp rods after an extended break, I was pleasantly surprised by how good the fishing in the region is.

Not only that, but the lads on the carp angling scene are great. I regularly bump into the same people fishing different venues. Over the past five years, I’ve fished a large number of lakes on this list, including The Approach, Ladywood and my favourite park lake Yeadon Tarn.

I’ve also dabbled in a bit of canal carping on a few spots local to my house in Rodley.

The Approach Fisheries

approach carp lake in west yorkshire
The Approach (formerly Erics Willows) has been one of the best carp lakes in West Yorkshire for over 15 years.

The Fisheries Approach presents a unique arrangement of two lakes located in Leeds, renowned for housing some of the largest carp in the UK.

Known as one of the leading destinations for big fish angling in the North, this complex comprises The Trout Lake and Willows, formerly known as ‘Erics Willows’.

Anglers with experience in carp fishing are likely familiar with the prestigious reputation of Willows and its abundant supply of large, croatian strain carp. A few years ago, the lake began offering day tickets, and more recently, the owners acquired ownership of the adjacent Trout Lake.

In early 2020, the entire complex underwent a rebranding process and emerged as The Approach Fisheries, accompanied by significant investments in angler amenities, such as an onsite cafe, restrooms, and showers.

Notably, the original impressive stock of carp in Willows remains intact, hence why this lake made our list of the best 50lb carp lakes in the UK.

A real chunk of a common caught in West Yorkshire.

Key Information

Tickets: Day tickets for Trout Lake and membership for Willows

How to book: Just turn up and pay for the Trout Lake. To fish Willows you must be a member and book online here.

The Approach Fisheries Prices: Day ticket £10, 25hr £20, 48hr £40

Best bait: Boilies and pellet

Carp size: Up to 60lb+

How busy: Fairly (particularly through summer)

On-site facilities: Public toilets, bait sales, evening meals, cafe, showers

Address: Dunford House, Green Lane, Methley, LS26 9AQ

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Yeadon Tarn Park Lake

yeadon tarn park lake in west yorkshire
Yeadon Tarn is a great place for a few runs.

Yeadon Tarn, situated in Leeds, is a 20-acre park lake that’s been stocked with over 600 carp ranging from low doubles to 30lb+.

While Yeadon Tarn has been a well-known fishing spot in the local angling community for years, it’s the recent takeover by a group of local carpers in 2019 that has truly transformed the lake.

Since the takeover, the new owners have made significant efforts to enhance the fishing by introducing hundreds of carp to complement the existing stock of scaley linears.

This has turned Yeadon Tarn into a venue where the action can be prolific, even throughout the winter months.

This is the closest lake to my house, and I do on average 15 nights a year on here plus lots of evening sessions after work. It’s great for a bite but what I like most is the friendly nature amongst the bailiffs, and the lack of super-strict rules and booking policies that are in places amongst most Yorkshire carp lakes.

Yeadon is rarely ever full, so if you’re stuck for a venue, or fancy a change at short notice, give it a go.

Yeadon Tarn is my local lake in West Yorkshire, home to scaley mirrors like this one!

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Ladywood Lakes

ladywood lakes in west yorkshire

Ladywood Lakes has become a household name in the Yorkshire carp fishing scene and is quickly earning its stripes as one of the top day ticket carp lakes in the entire UK.

Comprising of a pair of lakes, Ladywood presents the opportunity to fish a venue that can be both challenging and offer the chance of a few runs.

The main lake is the jewel in the Ladywood Crown, spanning an impressive 10 acres.

It holds a large stock of carp, with 72 recorded over 30lb and 5 over the magical 40lb barrier.

Being an old gravel pit, it has plenty of features to go at, from deep margins and gullies to channels connecting the main bowl of the lake to the back bay.

It really is a carpy location and one that should be on your hit list of venues to fish in West Yorkshire.

I would go as far as saying Ladywood is the best venue in the region for the chance of a 30lb+ fish.

Below is a classic upper 20 mirror caught by my mate Matty on our recent trip to Ladywood.

ladywood lakes carp

About Ladywood Carp Lakes in West Yorkshire

Tickets: Day tickets

How to book: Direct phone booking line (See the Ladywood Lakes Fishery Group on Facebook)

Ladywood Lakes Fishing Prices: 24hr £30, 48hr £56, 72hr £84, 96hr £112, 5 nights £140, 6 nights £165, 7 nights £190

Best bait: MAD Baits Wicked Whites

Carp size: Up to 46lb

How busy: Busy, pre-booking required

On-site facilities: No facilities

Address: Sands Ln, Ladywood Lakes, Mirfield WF14 8HH

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Tyersal Hall Carp Fishery

tyersal hall carp lake in west yorkshire

Situated just outside of Bradford, Tyersal Hall Carp Fishery is a small, secluded pool offering up to 6 anglers per night the chance of carp to over 30lb.

At just 1.4 acres in size, it’s by no means large, but offers intimate, close-quarters fishing in amongst excellent scenery.

With approximately 40-50 carp, ranging from 17lb to over 30lb, Tyersal can offer some challenging fishing throughout the year.

The lake itself is ran by local angler Reece Lisle. He has established a small membership on there or anglers who regularly fish the water. However, the lake often has availability for day ticket anglers and those wanting to book the lake out on an exclusive basis.

Having only 6 pegs, it’s the ideal place for anglers to book on a full lake exclusive basis for a social.

Simon Crow of AVID recently visited the lake, showing how to approach small, intimate waters throughout the winter:

Simon Crow shows you how to tackle Tyersal Hall in West Yorkshire

Key Information

Tickets: Day tickets, lake exclusives and yearly membership

How to book: Search for Tyersal Hall Carp Fishery on Facebook and message the page.

Tyersal Hall Fishery Prices: 24hr £30, full lake exclusive £250

Best bait: Boilies and pellet

Carp size: Up to 30lb+

How busy: Not always busy, especially midweek

On-site facilities: Public toilets, bait sales

Address: Tyersal Lane, Bradford, Yorkshire, BD4 0RF

Knotford Lagoon

knotford lagoon lake in west yorkshire
Knotford Lagoon is one of the carpiest looking lakes in West Yorkshire, but not easy to get a ticket for!

Knotford Lagoon is one of the main waters on the Bradford No.1 Angling Association ticket.

A large 10 acre, nestled in the countryside near Poole in Wharfedale. It’s visible when you’re heading to Otley from Leeds.

Knotford is renowned as one of the best carp fishing lakes in West Yorkshire. Not only because of it’s beauty, but because of the old stock of carp in the lake.

What I do hear is that the fishing isn’t particularly easy. Old angling clubs like Bradford No.1 are not known for keeping stock levels as high as you would see on other day ticket lakes in the region.

That being said, the strain of carp in this lake are very desirable, with old scaley mirrors a common sight. There are also a few big commons, with the Knotford Lagoon record set at 41lb 6oz.

If you’re someone who prefers club lakes over the bustling day ticket scene, it’s definitely worth checking out Bradford No.1 and Knotford Lagoon.

Key Information

Tickets: Yearly membership of Bradford No.1

How to book: Subscribe to Bradford No.1 online here

Best bait: Boilies and pellet

Carp size: Up to 42lb

How busy: Busy

On-site facilities: N/A

Address: Knotford Lagoon, Nr. Poole, Otley (LS21 1EA)

Newland Carp Fishery

newland hall carp syndicate west yorkshire
Newland is an up-and-coming carp syndicate in West Yorkshire

Newland is a relatively new syndicate to the carp fishing scene in West Yorkshire.

This lake has recently been taken over, with lots of effort going in to make it one of the most exciting big fish waters in the North.

What was previously an abandoned pit in the middle of nowhere, is quickly becoming home to a desirable stock of fast-growing carp.

At 13 acres in size, this lake now holds between 600-700 fish after the stocking, many of which are the Old Mill strain of carp. – Deep bodies, big appetites and huge growth rates are on the card!

Those that have joined the syndicate in it’s first year are experiencing success, catching many of the new carp at mid 20’s already.

Aside from the stocking, a lot of work is going in to further secure the venue, including fencing and secure carp parks for anglers.

If you’re looking for a syndicate that’s up and coming, check out Newland. I for one will be keep tabs on this place in the near future.

Key Information

Tickets: Yearly membership

How to book: Search Strawberry Pond & Newland Carp Fishery on Facebook

Best bait: Boilies and pellet

Carp size: Up to mid 30’s

How busy: Syndicate (so not too busy)

On-site facilities: N/A

Strawberry Pond

Strawberry Pond is a small 2 acre reed-lined lake in Wakefield.

A picturesque venue, it holds a good stock of carp, with around 160 fish to go at. The average size isn’t bad too, with the majority of fish going over 20lb and the lake record sitting at mid-30s.

Being a small venue, space is limited, and as a result JS Fisheries fun this venue on a members only basis.

In my experience, memberships do become readily available and run from 1st March every year at a cost of £400.

If you’re someone who fishes a fair amount throughout the year, and wants a quiet, intimate venue with the chance of a few 30’s, Strawberry offers excellent value for money.

Key Information

Tickets: Yearly membership

How to book: Search Strawberry Pond & Newland Carp Fishery on Facebook

Best bait: Boilies and pellet

Carp size: Up to mid 30’s

How busy: Busy

On-site facilities: N/A

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