Black Friday Carp Fishing Deals on Rods, Bivvies, and More

  • By: Rob W (15 Years Carping Experience)
  • Published: January 5, 2023
  • Time to read: 5 min.
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Black Friday is not far away. However, some retailers are already announcing their offers. I’ve been sifting through all of the deals so far, from rods and reels, to bite alarms and bivvies. Here are our favourite offers so far on Carp Squad recommended gear.

If you’ve been waiting to purchase some new carp fishing gear, Black Friday is definitely the time to do it!

We’ll be updating this list throughout the week, but let’s take a look at them early deals:

Deal Spotlight: Nash Titan T3 MK2

black friday bivvies

Nash Titan T2 MK3 – Our Pick

Primary Deal Price: £449.99; Usual Price: £967.99

What we like: One of the all-time classic bivvy designs which is rarely discounted. Super strong and perfect for longer sessions on the bank.

Other things to know: Can also pay in three instalments via Klarna. Just head over to the Bobco website.

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Deal Spotlight: Greys X-Flite Carp Rods

greys x flite black friday

Greys X-Flite Carp Rods – Our Pick

Primary Deal Price: £119.99; Usual Price: £239.99

What we like: A classic brand known for producing high-quality carp rods. Lots of lengths and test curves to suit various style of fishing.

Other things to know: Black ticket items like this don’t last long on Angling Direct. Head over and take advantage whilst you still can.

Deal Spotlight: Advanta Discovery CCX Straight 6 Bed

Advanta Discovery CCX Straight 6 Bed – Our Pick

Primary Deal Price: £99.99; Usual Price: £169.99

What we like: Advanta’s gear is pretty decent, they’re just not an established brand. This bed is very much like the Trakker Superlite in terms of shape and size. It looks good in DPM too.

Other things to know: Aluminium frame means it’s not too heavy for those who like to travel light too.

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Retailer Black Friday Deals

Most of the online retailers have started offering their Black Friday Carp Fishing Deals, including AD, Bobco and Total Fishing Tackle. Here are a few more details that you might want to know:

  • Angling Direct – Their Black Friday Deals have already started. A section of their website is full of deals tagged ‘Black Label’ and they are also offering 3 for 2 on most of their own-branded Advanta gear.
  • Bobco Tackle – The Leeds-based retailer have launched their Black Friday event online already. Plenty of gear to be had at discounts of up to 75%.
  • Total Fishing Tackle – No specific section on their website but head over to their Facebook page to see a flurry of deals coming through.

Bivvy & Brolly Black Friday Deals

bivvy black friday deals

RidgeMonkey Escape XF1 Standard 1-Man – Our Pick

Primary Deal Price: £639.99; Usual Price: £890.99

What we like: A real home-from-home once set up. Ideal for those longer winter sessions when you are less likely to be chasing fish around the lake.

Other things to know: Not the lightest bivvy around, but ideal if you have a power barrow to lug it around the lake!

JRC Stealth Class Brolly System 2G – Our Pick

Primary Deal Price: £249.99; Usual Price: £424.99

What we like: A nod to the classic brolly shape that’s much loved by the older generation of carp anglers. Lightweight and perfect for the summer months.

Other things to know: You’ll need four storm poles to get the best out of this brolly system. Don’t forget to add them to your budget.

Prologic Avenger 1 Man Bivvy PLUS Wrap – Our Pick

Primary Deal Price: £179; Usual Price: £299.99

What we like: It’s not often you get a bivvy and overwrap rolled into one for this price. I’ve seen this first hand in my local Fishing Republic and the quality is well worth the money.

Other things to know: It has no front vents but it does have a letter box door and some smaller air vents to the rear of the bivvy.

Carp Clothing Black Friday Deals

carp clothing black friday

Aqua F12 DPM Jacket – Our Pick

Primary Deal Price: £99.9; Usual Price: £140

What we like: Aqua aren’t known for discounting their gear, so this one is an excellent find. I’ve personally got the F12 in green and it’s hands down the best carp fishing jacket I own. This DPM looks smart too!

Other things to know: Comes in a tiny pack down bag which is handy for walking as well as fishing.

RidgeMonkey APEarel Dropback K2XP Compact Fishing Coat – Our Pick

Primary Deal Price: £48.99; Usual Price: £75.99

What we like: RidgeMonkey clothing is great quality so it’s always good to see their gear hit the sales. This is a compact, lightweight coat that makes an excellent winter mid-layer.

Other things to know: The darker colourway of this jacket has already sold out on Angling Direct. Pull the trigger ASAP if you want to make use of this discount.

KUMU Clothing Calaca Hoodie – Our Pick

Primary Deal Price: £24.99; Usual Price: £49.99

What we like: KUMU gear rarely goes up on offer, especially with a discount of this level. This is a chance to get a good quality printed hoodie for half the price.

Other things to know: This is the only hoodie with this level of discount in their Black Friday sale. It won’t last for long!

Carp Bait Black Friday Deals

black friday carp fishing deals

Carbon Baits 50% Off Fresh Particle – Our Pick

Primary Deal Price: Mixed Prices. Deal gets you 50% off at checkout.

What we like: This is your chance to stock up on particle which can go straight in the freezer. Includes the full range of particle blends from Carbon Baits.

Other things to know: Use code BLACK50 at checkout. Bear in mind that there will be a short wait which is usually 3-5 days for delivery time.

Munch Baits 15% Off All Boilies – Our Pick

Primary Deal Price: Mixed Prices. Deal gets you 15% off automatically

What we like: Munch Baits have a great range of boilies, plus accompanying products such as pop ups, liquids and stick mixes. Their Bio Marine is a firm favourite of many an angler.

Other things to know: No need for a discount code. The discount is already applied to all baits on their website. You can also get 25% off all clothing if you want to rep the Munch Baits brand!

Their Citrus Nut bait recently featured on our guide to the best winter boilies.

Frequently Asked Questions

When do Black Friday Deals start?

Early Black Friday deals have already been released by retailers, with many items already up for grabs. We will be highlighting all of the best offers on this page as and when they are released. Typically we tend to see better deals released on the Friday Morning and this will usually run until the end of the day on the following monday.

When is Cyber Monday?

Cyber Monday is typically the Monday following black Friday. This year is will be 28th November.

Will the deals be better on Cyber Monday?

Not necessarily. Deals launched on Friday will typically carry on over until the Monday. However, what we do often see is new deals launched on the Monday as retailers strive to hit sales targets or get rid of old stock. Our advice is to keep checking out your favourite retailers or brands on Monday too. Just don’t hold out for too long if there is something that you really want to buy.