Best Boilie Crusher to Crumb Boilies Fast

  • By: Rob W (15 Years Carping Experience)
  • Published: December 12, 2022
  • Time to read: 6 min.
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Give your fingers a rest and save some time in the process, as it’s time to check out the best boilie crusher for carp fishing in 2022.

It seems that anglers are using crushed boilie in their mixes more than ever right now.

And it’s easy to see why. By grinding up your baits, you release more of the baits natural attraction, and provide smaller items of food that should keep carp feeding on your spot for longer.

But that’s not all.

We all know that boilies aren’t a cheap carp bait any more. Crumbing them up can turn one mouthful into hundreds though, making your free offerings go even further.

The only hassle has been grinding them up yourself. Particularly if you’re using older shelf life boilies or air dried frozen baits.

So what’s the best boilie crush on the market to make things that little bit easier?

Let’s take a look.

6. NGT Boilie Grinder

ngt boilie crusher

In many ways, NGT have stolen the limelight with the introduction of their boilie crusher a few years ago.

This is clearly a replica of the much-loved Korda Crusher. It kind of gives us Aldi vibes, like when they copy all of the high street brands!

But guess what? It works!

And like most of NGT’s gear, it stands up to the demands of modern day carp angling. Most importantly, it’s constructed from a solid plastic material that doesn’t bend or crack.

As a grinder it makes light work of chopping up your baits, albeit in smaller quantities.

You can probably get away with 5 or 6 boilies at a time in this grinder. Any more and they start to get stuck in and around the edges which is a bit of a pain.

Cost wise, it’s probably the cheapest grinder out there, coming in at around £7 with plenty of 5-star reviews on Amazon.

If you’re on a budget and just need to grind the odd kilo here and there, give this a go.

5. Korda Crusher

korda boilie crusher

The original and still the best boilie crusher of it’s kind, in our opinion.

It’s design hasn’t changed for over 10 years and that’s testament to it’s success.

In fact, this was one of them product launches where everyone is in awe of it’s simplicity.

It work’s very much the same as the NGT Grinder above. Two parts interconnect and grinder the baits as you twist.

The more you twist, the more refined the boilie crumb becomes.

But is it any better than the NGT replica?

We believe it is. The main component, the spikes, are much sharper more refined on this version. As a result, you end up crushing the bait easier and having less of the boilie being stuck on the inside of the crusher.

Whether that’s as much of a difference to warrant spending twice the price though, that’s up to you!

The Korda Crusha makes an ideal stocking filler gift for carp anglers too.

4. NGT Electric Boilie Grinder

ngt electric boilie grinder

It seems everything is USB powered at the moment, so it’s no surprise to see an electric boilie grinder hit the market.

What is surprising though is it being from NGT, who are often followers rather than pioneers in the tackle game.

Either way, we were all ears when this thing hit the shelves.

Unfortunately, there has been mixed reviews since it’s launch. Some love it and some hate it.

What’s evident though is that this boilie grinder only seems to work with softened baits.

If you’re someone who likes to soak their baits ahead of use then it will work fine.

However if you’re someone who is expecting to grind their frozen boilies without thawing them properly, you’ll be wasting your time.

3. RidgeMonkey Choppa

ridgemonkey choppa

RidgeMonkey are famous for their bucket-top grinder, but we’ll get onto that shortly!

They’ve got another bait-chopping beast in their range and that’s the Choppa Boilie Cutter.

This little handheld gizmo works slightly different to others we’ve covered so far.

Instead of grinding boilies into a powder, the Choppa simply cuts them in half.

Boilies are thread into a 6 cylinder tubes, and with one press of the cutter, it chops them all in half.

In many ways it can’t be compared to some of the ‘grinder’ style crushers on this guide. However, it certainly serves a purpose.

Sometimes crumbing baits is too much and halved boilies are all you need. They give a different dimension to a round bait.

Once chopped in half, they flutter down through the water column, ideal for when you want baits sitting in amongst the weed.

RidgeMonkey fans love the Choppa, and for good reason!

2. Korda Kutter

korda kutter

When it comes to innovate products, it seems to be Korda and RidgeMonkey fighting it out.

That’s been no different in the boilie cutting game! Following RidgeMonkey’s Choppa, Korda hit back with ‘The Kutter’.

It follows exactly the same concept. Simply thread the boilies in a tube and press them through with a plunger. Half-chopped baits pop out the other end, ready to go in your spod mix.

Where the Kutter wins for us though is in size.

This is a sleek little unit designed by Korda. It even has a fold in handle that sits neatly within the tube when you’re not using it.

In the modern day carp angling world where we seem to take everything but the kitchen sink, this is refreshing.

For something that simply cuts boilies, it needn’t be a bulky product that takes up half of your bait bag. There’s just no need.

For us that’s what puts the Kutter so high up on this list.

1. RidgeMonkey Advanced Boilie Crusher Kit

ridgemonkey boilie grinder

The absolute Rolls Royce of the boilie crusher game is the RidgeMonkey Advanced Boilie Crusher Kit.

This thing chews up boilies like there’s no tomorrow, making it worthy of being the best boilie crusher in our eyes.

The Boilie Crusher Kit is not like anything else on this list either. It’s not something that fits into your bag. Instead, it’s an extension lid for the RidgeMonkey Buckets that seem to have many bankside uses.

On the side you’ve got a large handle, which operates a unique blade system on top of the bucket. The blades spin at alternate angles, pulling boilies down and spitting them out as crumbed bait in the bucket.

When it comes to grinding lots of bait at once, there really is nothing better. The standard kit can take around 1kg of boilies at any one time.

Also available is a hopper extension which allows you to add up to 5kg of boilies into the grinder.

It might not be the most mobile set up around, but it’s ideal for grinding ahead of your session or leaving in the back of your van.

Coming Soon: One More Cast Boilie Grinder

We all seem to be waiting with bated breath to see what Ali Hamidi and Co. will bring out next.

He was obviously key to the marketing of the Korda Crusha during it’s launch, so it was interesting to see his latest OMC product tease on Facebook.

In a recent Facebook video, Ali quickly demonstrate an electric boilie cutter that One More Cast are currently working on. Whilst it did sound a little loud as it ground up a handful of boilies, we’re sure they’ll fine-tune it before launch.

We’re looking forward to following this one. It will be great to see if they can overcome the challenges that we see with other electric boilie cutters on the market.

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