5 Carp Tackle Items You Probably DON’T Need!

Every now and then you see new items of carp tackle enter the market that look more like they are designed to catch the angler rather than to help catch more carp.

Manufacturers are keen to cash in on the ever-growing carp angling market, which often sees them pushing the boundaries in product development.

Some win, and some fail.

Here are some of our favourites from recent years…

ND Tackle Water Pump

To be fair, this one stopped me right in it’s tracks when I spotted it on Facebook. So much so that I thought it was an April Fools joke.

The ND Tackle Water Pump is designed to help the bankside challenge of fetching water, whether that be for washing your hands, mixing up spod mixes and groundbait etc.

By fitting it to a bankstick, you basically have a lake water tap accessible by the waters edge for whenever you need it.

Like most of ND’s Tackle, I’m sure it stacks up technically, but I’m not quite sure how this one will fly amongst carp anglers. Personally, I’ve never seen fetching water as a challenge, and this just seems like one of them products where they are solving a challenge that doesn’t exist.

They even claim that it can be used for washing your cooking stuff. No thanks! There’s no way i’m cleaning my washing stuff with a pump that’s sucking up debris and silt out of the margins.

nd tackle water pump

Korda Floss Caps

Korda are usually very strategic with their product launches so it was a surprise to see such backlash to their launch of Floss Caps.

You’ve got to wonder if they’ve actually tested the reaction to these amongst their network of elite carp anglers.

Designed to make the blobbing of floss ‘neater’, floss caps act similar to a baitstop, for those who like to use a lighter to blob on their hookbaits. Korda market these as a way to make it harder for birds to remove your bait.

Korda Floss Caps

Floss Caps, designed to secure your flossed hookbait to your rig.

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Here’s the thing, having fished waters full of birdlife, I’ve rarely had birds remove a hookbait using the standard blobbing method. Certainly not to the extent that it needs a brand new product designed to combat it. Again, I think this is a case of solving a challenge that doesn’t really exist.

Additionally, it’s more plastic that’s likely to get thrown on the ground or in the margins with a washed out bait.

Judging by the YouTube comments, many carp anglers agree that they’re not needed in your carp tackle box!

korda floss caps

Hydre Butt Cup

Marketed as an ‘innovation in rod retention’, the Butt Cup is designed to prevent the bottom of your rod slipping when it’s leaning against your bivvy.

I’m not sure how I’ve ever tied on a bait without it.

I know why, because its not a problem I’ve ever had when using the retention straps on my bivvy, so it gets a thumbs down from me.

It was poorly received on the usual social media channels and carp angling groups.

There are some people who claim to use them to protect the butt of a rod from dirt, but if you’re that scared of getting a rod dirty, you might as well stay at home!

hydre butt cup

Solar Tackle Heated Cushion

There seems to be an obsession with making everything in carp fishing run off a USB at the moment. So much so that you’ll probably need about 4 RidgeMonkey Power Packs for an overnighter.

The next item that you probably don’t need, which runs off power is the Solar Tackle Heated Cushion.

Solar’s HotSpot is a USB heated cushion, designed to help you stay warm and comfortable through the winter months. With three heat settings, Solar claim that this has a multitude of uses, including to put your feet on, under your fishing jacket or just as a standard hot water bottle.

To be honest, I don’t see any advantage in this over a standard hot water bottle which costs about £5. If anything, it’s more faff having wires all over the place in the foot end of your sleeping bag or dangling around your chair.

I night be being harsh with this one, there is probably someone out there with some sort of medical condition on the bank which it can ease. I’m just not sure if it will be a hit with the mass market of carp anglers.

solar tackle heated cushion

Trakker Butt Ring Protectors

I can see the problem looking to be solved with this one, but I think this product misses the mark.

Nobody wants to turn up to the lake and find out that their butt rings have smashed, and thats why Trakker released their Butt Ring Protectors.

The only problem; they don’t provide a lot of protection.

In my experience, rod rings usually break after bending or being pressed against something. (My passenger side car seat for example).

This is something that can’t be solved using tiny slithers of material such as these Butt Ring Protectors. In my opinion, if you’re wanting to look after your rods, just invest in a good quality padded rod bog or quiver and sleeves.

butt ring protectors

I’m on the fence with this one…Trakker Powerflo Tap

trakker powerflo tap

If you’ve been on social media recently you’ll have no doubt noticed Trakker’s recent launch. The Powerflo Tap is a self-fit, USB powered electric tap that fits to most carp fishing water bottles.

As with anything that makes bankside life comfier, it got lots of abuse online.

In one way I understand. It’s by no means a necessity item for carp fishing. Retailing at £19.99 it’s my no means cheap either. (But what carp branded gear is these days).

Either way, I’m on the fence with this one. Some will say it’s pointless, and it probably is for 99% of carp fishing situations.

But for people who fish week-long sessions, or fish from a van, it probably makes things a little bit easier.

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