Ridgemonkey Bait Boat Hunter 750 – Features & Overview

Ridgemonkey Bait Boat - Hunter 750

Undoubtedly one of the biggest we’ve seen from RidgeMonkey in recent years; The RidgeMonkey Hunter 750 Bait boat. But what’s it all about?

We have waited a very long time to see RidgeMonkey develop a bait boat thats for sure. Although they kept it under wraps very well, we all knew it was more of a matter of when rather than if they release one.

RidgeMonkey have been leading the way in carp fishing tech for years now. After a couple of years on the market, this bait boat has proven it’s worth. If you’re checking out whether this is worth adding to your kit, stick around as we go into detail about what you can expect.

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RidgeMonkey Hunter 750

RidgeMonkey’s first venture into the bait boat market. Small, lightweight and stealthy!

  • Lightweight
  • Nimble and easy to control
  • Single hand controller
  • Not ideal for bigger windswept pits
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Ridgemonkey Bait Boat Hunter 750 Review/Overview

Incredibly Lightweight Bait Boat

I think it’s only fair to start this article with the RidgeMonkey Hunter 750’s major advantage; the fact that it is very small and lightweight. Weighing in at only 2.5kg, The RidgeMonkey bait boat is incredibly compact, making it perfect for all anglers, whether you’re fishing the canals and looking to accurately place baits or fishing at range on the inland seas of France.

In our opinion, the size and weight is what sets it apart from the rest of the bait boats on the market. So much so that those who decide against bait boats due to their cumbersome size may well think differently when they see this boat.

RidgeMonkey have even thought about the size of the remote for this boat; making it one hand operation. (similar control to what you would find with a Nintendo Wii).

The small size means that it’s not only easy to transport, but it’s just generally less cumbersome to use. It’s an absolute doddle to drop the Hunter 750 in the water and deploy it to your spot. It’s also compact enough to store in the corner of your carp bivvy or under your carp bedchair whilst not in use.

The Bait Boat Hopper

The Hunter 750 is the first fully top-loading bait boat of it’s kind. No longer will you need to feed your rig underneath the boat before closing the hopper. A handy latch gate is all that you need to open and close whilst.

Not only does the top loading hopper generally make it easier to use, it allows you to get fishing much faster too. By not having to put the rig in first before closing the hopper, you can actually have the boat ready and full with all of your free offerings whilst you’re waiting for a bite!

That’s sure to cut down some time and help you get the rods back out faster.

In terms of capacity, the RidgeMonkey Hunter 750 Bait Boat takes 1kg of bait. It’s nowhere near that of some of the other bait boats on the market, but there has been some compromise here to ensure that the Hunter 750 stays compact for ease of transport.

If you’re one for ‘filling it in’, then maybe this one isn’t for you!

Motor & Batteries

Ultra-quiet twin motors power the Ridgemonkey Bait Boat with more than enough force to get through the choppiest of waters. Twin weed guards at the back ensure that nothing gets amongst the motors to clog them up. – A necessity on them weedy estate lakes.

Equally as important are the batteries that power this bait boat. Supplied with two lithium polymer batteries, these have an average charging time of 2.5 hours from fully drained to fully charged. Another industry-first from the Ridgemonkey team is the ability to charge this boat via USB, so even if you’re bank side for a week with a few Power Packs, you’ve got the ability to keep it topped up. This is a major plus for us and something we expect to see on more bait boats following this leap by Ridgemonkey.

A built-in high-visibility power meter allows you to easily keep an eye on how much charge you’ve got left in the tank.

Remote Control

When RidgeMonkey launched the Hunter 750, we were pleased to see it come with a compact, single-handed remote rather than the bulky, cumbersome ones that you normally expect with bait boats.

This remote is more like those that you used to get with The Nintendo Wii, so it’s very small, durable and comfortable to use. With a directional thumb-stick and just three buttons, it’s simple to use even for the less tech savvy amongst us!

It’s also IP55 rated water and dust resistant, so you will have no problems using outside in the rain. Gone are the days of the bait boat remote control covers!

Like the main boat itself, the remote is charged via USB, so you can keep it topped up on the bank using your carp fishing power pack. It has an LED power meter to keep you in the loop with how much battery it’s got left.

You can expect to comfortably reach up to 200 meters (218 yards) with the remote control signal.

Charging the Ridge Monkey Bait Boat

Perhaps the most innovative feature of this boat, is it’s ability to be charged via USB. We’re sure most chargers will be capable of charging the boat, but you can guarantee that Ridgemonkey will have tried and tested it with their range of Vault Power Packs.

Ridgemonkey Bait Boat Features

Boat Features

  • Compact aerodynamic design
  • Lightweight
  • Top-loading hopper for both rig and bait (industry first)
  • Ultra-quiet twin motors
  • Built-in propeller weed guards
  • Front and rear lights
  • Battery power meter
  • Two 5,000mAh 30W lithium polymer batteries supplied
  • Supplied with 30W type C PD plug and USB-C PD charging cable

Remote Features:

  • Antenna-less
  • IP55 water and dust resistant
  • Ergonomic design
  • Rubberised grip
  • Easy to manoeuvre thumbstick
  • Tested range to 200m
  • Internal battery
  • LED power meter
  • USB-C rechargeable

Ridgemonkey Bait Boats on Finance

Bait boats aren’t the cheapest pieces of kit to add to your arsenal. Like many big purchases, it may be worth considering purchasing your bait boat on finance. We can personally vouch for PayPal credit as a reputable lender, offering 0% on up to 12 months. They also operate seamlessly through eBay too, where most of the UK retailers will be listing their Ridge Monkey Bait boats when they come into stock.

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