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If you love all things carp fishing and want to improve your catch rate, you've come to the right place! Here at Carp Squad, we write carp fishing blogs, carp gear buyers guides and articles on how to catch more carp throughout the year. We're here to help you find the best carp gear on the market and provide you with hints and tips that'll hopefully help you put a PB on the bank!

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Korda Kaizen Carp Rods: What We Know

Last week Korda announced what we had been expecting for some time: The launch of the Korda Kaizen Carp Rods. Now, if you’re an avid watcher of Korda videos, you’ll have had this sussed for a while. Korda have given us subtle glances of a rod blank etched with Kaizen on many of their shoots,…

cheap carp baits to save money

Cheap Carp Bait to Help You Save Money

Want to continue carp fishing without needing to spend hundreds on bait for your weekend session? This week we check out cheap carp bait which can still bank you some carp but also save you some money along the way. The cost of living crisis is in full swing, and to top is all off,…

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day ticket carp lakes uk

Carp Lakes Near Me: UK Day Ticket Carp Lakes

Carp fishing has grown in popularity in recent years, and lucky for us Brits, the amount of day ticket carp lakes in the UK has grown exponentially too. But finding them isn’t always easy. Fishery owners aren’t the best at putting themselves out there and you can quickly get lost in a trail of outdated…

carp fishing budget

10 Carp Fishing Money Saving Hacks

Make no mistake about it, carp fishing can be very expensive. It seems the price of all of our tackle is creeping up now, with even the smallest items such as carp hooks averaging around £5 per packet. It all adds up. And I’m sure we’ve all popped into the tackle shop for some end…

best months for carp fishing uk

Best Months For Carp Fishing UK (When To Catch More!)

Make no mistake about it, carp can be caught all year round. But if you’ve already blanked through the winter, you’ll soon realise that there are certainly best months for carp fishing UK. Carp are cold-blooded creatures, responding heavily to changes in water temperature. And with suddens cold snaps regular in the UK, it is…

best carp brolly system

Best Brolly System for Carp Fishing

Looking to channel your inner Terry Hearn and fish from under an open-fronted, old school brolly? Let’s check out the best carp brolly system you should have amongst your kit this year! Brolly systems used to be all the rage in the 90’s. Before quick-erect bivvies like the Tempest or Titan hit the market, the…

Hodgetts Lake Norton Disney

Hodgetts Lake Norton Disney (Tips & Tactics)

Hodgetts lake is one of six lakes on the prolific Embryo Angling Norton Disney Complex. At 10 acres in size, with over 1000 carp, it has been designed as the ‘runs water’ at Norton Disney. Get your tactics right, and you can be in for multiple hits of fish, as I have seen people experience…

skills carp chair

Skills Camo Chair Review (Lightweight & Affordable)

On this weeks tried and tested, we’re checking out the Skills Camo Chair. If you’ve read our recent reviews, you’ll notice that there’s a theme; budget products. Our friends at The Tackle Warehouse highlighted to us the increase in anglers wanting more bang for their buck. As a result, we’re on a mission to see…