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If you love all things carp fishing and want to improve your catch rate, you've come to the right place! Here at Carp Squad, we write carp fishing blogs, carp gear buyers guides and articles on how to catch more carp throughout the year. We're here to help you find the best carp gear on the market and provide you with hints and tips that'll hopefully help you put a PB on the bank!

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cheap carp baits to save money

Cheap Carp Bait to Help You Save Money

Want to continue carp fishing without needing to spend hundreds on bait for your weekend session? This week we check out cheap carp bait which can still bank you some carp but also save you some money along the way. The cost of living crisis is in full swing, and to top is all off,…

ridgemonkey multi lite plus

RidgeMonkey Multi Lite Plus Review: 1 Year Test

Next up on our tried and tested reviews is the RidgeMonkey Multi Lite Plus. When RidgeMonkey brought out the multi lite, I was instantly intrigued. The multi lite presents itself as a versatile lite, offering a multitude of applications that fit in well with my desire to keep my gear to a minimum. After a…

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carp fishing gift ideas

Carp Fishing Gift Ideas That Anglers Will Love

Looking for carp fishing gift ideas for your loved ones? We’ve got you covered! In this article we’ve highlighted all of the latest carp fishing items which are ideal as gifts for those who love carp fishing. From carpy tech gadgets to the classic pair of thermal gloves, there’s something for everyone, and in every…

best liquid attractant for carp

The Best Liquid Attractant for Carp Fishing

On the lookout for the best liquid attractant for carp fishing? In this article we’ll outline some of the most popular carp liquids that you can add to your baiting method to help improve your catch rate. The use of liquids for carp fishing has grown massively in recent years. As carp lakes have become…

best bite alarm bobbins

Best Bite Alarm Bobbins: 6 To Choose From

Looking for some new carp bobbins to improve your bite indication or just give your set up a new lease of life? Let’s check out the best bite alarm bobbins on the market right now. Bobbins are vital for accurate bite indication. When set up correctly, they help you understand whether you’ve ‘been done’, had…

carp fishing in october

Carp Fishing in October

Carp fishing in October can be one of the most prolific times of the year. The carp are in excellent condition and they love to have a big feed at this time of year, making big hits of fish a reality. But your approach to carp fishing needs to change slightly from the warmer months….

best pop up boilies on the market

9 Best Pop Up Boilies on the Market

Looking to stock up on your choice of buoyant hookbaits? It’s time to check out the 10 best pop up boilies on the market. Pop up boilies have become a major part in many carp anglers tactics in recent years. With the growing popularity of the spinner rig and ronnie rig, carp pop ups are…

vass waterproof boots

Vass Fleece Lined Boots Review

As we are heading towards the colder months, I wanted to take the time to put together my Vass Fleece Lined Boots Review. Each year the Facebook groups are dominated by carp anglers asking for winter carp fishing boots, and these Vass Boots split opinions time and time again. Vass are well known for their…