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If you love all things carp fishing and want to improve your catch rate, you've come to the right place! Here at Carp Squad, we write carp fishing blogs, carp gear buyers guides and articles on how to catch more carp throughout the year. We're here to help you find the best carp gear on the market and provide you with hints and tips that'll hopefully help you put a PB on the bank!

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cheap carp baits to save money

Cheap Carp Bait to Help You Save Money

Want to continue carp fishing without needing to spend hundreds on bait for your weekend session? This week we check out cheap carp bait which can still bank you some carp but also save you some money along the way. The cost of living crisis is in full swing, and to top is all off,…

ridgemonkey multi lite plus

RidgeMonkey Multi Lite Plus Review: 1 Year Test

Next up on our tried and tested reviews is the RidgeMonkey Multi Lite Plus. When RidgeMonkey brought out the multi lite, I was instantly intrigued. The multi lite presents itself as a versatile lite, offering a multitude of applications that fit in well with my desire to keep my gear to a minimum. After a…

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best casting line for carp fishing

Best Casting Line for Carp Fishing [Hit 30+ Wraps!]

Need to fish at range but hindered by your current mainline? It’s time to check out the best casting line for carp fishing. Technique is probably the most important aspect of distance casting. But good technique can be limited by not using the correct gear, including your mainline. Choosing the right casting line is fundamental…

best shelf life boilies

6 Best Shelf Life Boilies in 2022

Every now and then it makes sense to ditch the fresh bait and grab a bag of shelf life, but which ones do you choose? In this guide, we’ll be taking a look at the best shelf life boilies you can try this year. When choosing boilies, there’s always a strong argument that fresh is…

black friday carp fishing deals

Black Friday Carp Fishing Deals on Rods, Bivvies, and More

Black Friday is not far away. However, some retailers are already announcing their offers. I’ve been sifting through all of the deals so far, from rods and reels, to bite alarms and bivvies. Here are our favourite offers so far on Carp Squad recommended gear. If you’ve been waiting to purchase some new carp fishing…

best boilies for winter

7 Best Winter Boilies in 2022

It’s time to clear out the freezer and stock up on some fresh bait as we check out the best winter boilies! Boilies are undoubtedly one of the best all year round carp baits. They are known to carp as a highly digestible, protein packed food source that can keep them going through the winter…

best bottom bait carp rigs

5 Best Bottom Bait Rigs That You Need To Try

So, you’re looking to switch up your carp rigs to present a bait on the bottom? Let’s check out the best bottom bait rigs that you should have in your rig box. For many anglers, choosing rigs is all about finding what you’re confident in and sticking to it. Whilst this is great in most…

winter carp rigs

Top 5 Winter Carp Rigs Of All Time

Looking for the best winter carp rigs to help you bag a PB in the colder months? We’ve got you covered! In this week’s blog, we’ll uncover the most popular carp rigs that you can try try this winter. Why adjust your carp rigs for winter? Winter carp fishing poses lots of challenges for anglers…